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  My name is Jackie Murtha and I have been breeding Eurasiers since the year 2000. Here is my story.

Almost 10 years ago, I was looking for a breed to fit my lifestyle. I lived in the suburbs and had my office in the city. I wanted a dog that could adjust well to both city and country life; a calm dog that didn't need a lot of exercise and could adjust to my crazy working hours, and would be with me at all times. I also had two cats and I wanted them to get along with a new dog. Eventually, I discovered the Eurasier. Little naïve me, I thought there were Eurasier breeders all over the States, just like any other breed, but in fact there were none.

After tireless research I finally got my first Eurasier, at Naku's Kennel up in Canada, and what a joy little Naku's Tiffany was. Everything I dreamed of was in this breed and in this dog, and I was so infatuated with Tiffany that I decided to get into breeding. At that point, I was going to be the first breeder in the U.S.

Shortly after Tiffany's second birthday, I flew over to Austria and picked up my next Eurasier, an all black male named Aladin vom Tal der Raben. I called him Otto, and he was always a dream. He was the greatest dog, so sweet, gentle and very self-confident, with a luxurious coat and a great temperament. Otto made a wonderful Eurasier stud dog.

About 8 months later I flew to Luxembourg and got my second female, Kieristinga Wanda. Feisty, beautiful, and light red in color, she is definitely an Alpha bitch, but very friendly, sweet and affectionate. Wanda is a real cuddle bug, but also a dog that loves squirrels and has gotten all my other dogs interested in them whether they wanted to or not.

A good year after that I flew to Germany and got Britta Aus Kaltenbroich, a pretty, medium-red colored dog. She's a very sweet, loving dog but a more reserved female, very needy in a funny way, who always pops up at my side wherever I am. A great watchdog, Britta can sound so fierce, yet she is so gentle.

My next female was North River's Baroness Lilian (Lily) a daughter from Wanda and Otto's first litter together. A large female, but elegant like her Dad, she is very friendly and sweet. Everyone likes Lily, so silly and goofy, you can't help but like her. Always alert, she hardly barks but would rather just meet and play with everyone.

The latest addition to my growing pack is Haley von der Wolfsangel. I brought her back from Germany in January 2004 and she is the cutest little Eurasier. With a dark red coloration, very animated and always smiling, she's a very happy dog. Haley can be a little bit reserved when a stranger first meets her, but after the initial greeting, she will make sure they become good friends. She is still very young and has a lot of growing and maturing to do.

I have also imported two German males that live at the homes of friends. The first to come over was Courageous Saber vom Kapellenberg a light red male who is gentle and sweet and loves to cuddle. The other male is Aki von den Elbgezeiten who came over when I picked up Haley. He is a sweet, quiet, big male with a most unusual coloring that changes daily; he has very dark black tipping with gray and red.

My dogs are my pets. They live with me in my home and they have never been kenneled. They have the freedom of my large, fenced-in backyard where they enjoy chasing all the squirrels, and I walk them all off leash twice daily on trails in the woods in all kinds of weather. They travel with me on my vacations unless I fly somewhere far.

Thanks to all my German friends overseas, who have helped me bring home such wonderful specimens of this breed, and to Helga Casper who has helped us make the right connections.

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