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Dexter's story

On November 22, 2003 Wanda had a litter of 8 puppies. All around the same weight, all red like their mother, and all seemed very healthy. I had noticed for some reason, the puppies didn't dry as fast as usual, even with help from Wanda and me. On the second night, one of the males was away from the other nursing puppies and I gently put him by a teat and he started to suckle. After a little bit of time I came back and the same male was away again. I put him back on the teat and again he started suckling, like before. After the third time this happened I noticed he was getting weaker, I thought possibly he could have caught a cold from not drying so quickly after he was born. I rushed him to the Vet's and after looking at him, she did not think he would make it through the night. Not only did he make it through the night, they were successfully bottle-feeding him and he was gaining weight. They kept him for a little while and the only hurdle now was, would Wanda accept him back? She did and starting licking him as if she knew he had been away. Because of his stay at the Vet's he was now smaller than his cubby brothers and sisters, so we called him, “The Little Guy”.

The Little Guy flourished just like his brothers and sisters and he developed like they did too, he was just much smaller. As a breeder, you should never get attached to any puppies only because it can be an emotional roller coaster once they leave. You love them, care for them but try not to get attached. I broke all rules and I fell for The Little Guy. We bonded a lot because I was bottle-feeding him even though he nursed too; I always tried to keep up his weight.

As he grew, and developed his personality, he loved people better than he loved his littermates, he would come over to anyone who entered the room. He also liked his littermates, but being the smallest he got banged around more than the rest. He was such a sweetheart, very calm but full of life. Although I was saddened to see him go, I was very happy at the new family that chose him to be part of their lives. A family of 4, the parents and two little girls with a baby on the way. They named him Dexter and he flourished with his new family.

Within a few months Dexter started having problems as if he was in pain. His family took him to the Vet's and he was diagnosed as having a porto systemic shunt in his liver plus he was having skeletal problems which was the reason for his pain. Even though it was very hard on Dexter's family, they decide to put him down that day.

In retrospect, I realize now that Wanda had been pushing him away back in those first few days because she knew there was something wrong with him. As a breeder, I have learned a hard lesson. Dexter in his few short months of life, fulfilled many lives including my own. He was a special dog, a small but great Eurasier, similar to his Dad, Otto, and I know they are now playing and hanging out together in doggie heavan.

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