My Dogs Are My Family

My name is Jackie Murtha. I have the distinction of being the first Eurasier breeder in the United States and have been raising these amazing dogs since 2001. I have successfully matched many loving Eurasiers with equally loving homes, and 21 years later I’m still actively breeding! I am also the United States Eurasier Rescue coordinator – my passion will always be the preservation and protection of this breed.


The truth is, my dogs are my family: we’re a pack. Where they go, I go. I have been considered crazy by some since I walk all of them (currently five dogs) off leash in the woods twice a day where they can just be dogs, chase rabbits, squirrels, and other critters. At my house they have an acre of fenced in yard with a doggie door for total in/out access. My older females and males – who no longer breed – stay with me until they pass. I do not believe in giving up my dogs when they stop producing.

My Breeder Story

My years as a breeder began with my first Eurasier, Tiffany, who had an amazing personality and was the perfect companion. Even at this early point I knew that this unknown breed was too wonderful to keep secret. I made inquiries to Germany (the country of breed origin) and they entrusted me with an all-black male named Otto from Austria. He was a great representation of the breed, winning the Master Champion in ARBA. So that was the start. Over the last two decades—most recently with Austin (born 2018) and Beowulf (born 2019)—I have returned to Europe for both breeding and stud stock. My dogs have produced some really nice puppies, so much so that many families have come back to me for a second and even third Eurasier!

My Breeding Philosophy

My approach to raising a litter of Eurasier puppies is a mix of the traditional German methods for breeding and raising Eurasiers along with the more modern Puppy Culture here in the United States. Therefore, I am a hobby breeder who breeds for the love of the breed, not for profit. I have one litter a year, with an occasional second litter. The puppies are raised within my home and during their first eight weeks are exposed to people of all sizes (kids/adults), other dogs and cats, textures, objects, different foods, different skills, car rides and love. When the puppies leave my home at eight weeks old, they are confident, friendly and pretty much housebroken.

My Eurasier Club Involvement

Soon after getting Tiffany, I joined the Eurasier Club (then a combined US and Canada club), then the first North American Eurasier Club (NAEC) and then the United States Eurasier Club (USEC) of which I was a founding member. Currently, I’m Treasurer of the USEC. I also host club functions and Eurasier walks at my home. Fun fact: I have had up to 35 Eurasiers and their families mingle right in my yard!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and North River Eurasiers!